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welcome to salem fans your newest and only resource for the WGN America show, Salem which airs spring, 2014.
Hi I was wandering do you know any ship names for the characters of Salem

Only a few have ship names - the one’s I know so far are:
Jary - John/Mary
Johanne - John/Anne
John/Cotton - Jotton; which is very popular with the official Salem twitter, they use it quite often.  If anyone knows of others feel free to pop them in our askbox!

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one character → anne hale

“I suppose one could choose that life- honest work, community, a loving family, and not a witch in sight.  Maybe there’s hope for us yet.”

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Why are you not returning sooner? 9 months out is quite some time.

A lot of shows seem to have this long break, especially those with shorter seasons (I know Hannibal, White Collar would be two examples I can think of). But hopefully the fandom keep the hiatus from becoming too Hell-ish by making great edits/fics etc. :)

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'Salem' EP answers burning finale questions: John's fate, Mary's confession and Season 2 spoilers - Zap2it | News & Features

welcome to salem fics


salem fics is your first blog dedicated to sharing fanfiction from the hit wgn america series.  feel free to submit your own stories to be posted as well as prompts which can be share and hopefully some fellow heathens will help you out!

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Salem Season One Meme

[01] Character
[02] Ships
[03] Places
[04] Objects
[05] Hairstyles
[06] Outfits
[07] Quotes
[08] Relationships (non-romantic)
[09] Spells
[10] Scenes

With season one finished and season two not returning until April 2015, why not keep Salem alive with this Season One Meme?  Please tag with #salemmeme and we will reblog your posts.

Do you know what happened to Tituba? Didn't see her on latest episodes.

I assume she is meant to be recovering from her ordeal with Increase, but she will be in the season finale tomorrow night. - Sam.

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What's a heathen?

Thats the fandom name for a fan of the show - it was started by the official twitter account for the show :)

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So I'm kind of new to the whole fandom/fan fiction idea. I was wondering if you knew the name of the John Alden/Cotton Mather ship name? I can't find it anywhere. And do you know of any good fanfic sites?

Welcome! And glad to have you on board as a #heathen ;)  Well, as far as I know the ship name for John and Cotton is ‘Jotton’ ♥ There aren’t many fanfics out there yet, but there are a few on (x) and Archive of Our Own (x)

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Would people like a ‘bog of the month’ feature?

People would submit blogs and voting would take place on set dates every month - it could be a way for us to expand as a fandom and find more SALEM blogs to follow. Like/Reblog this post if you would take part.

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